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Pastor Wytrice Harris

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Pastor Wytrice Harris

Pastor Wytrice Harris accepted the Lord as her personal savior in April of 1993 at the age of 22 though she had been serving in the church since she was very young. Her salvation came with an exuberant love for the Word of God and thus she was soon filled with the Spirit and delivered from years of bondage. Her gifts of teaching, prophecy and discernment began to thrive and she ministered these gifts as opportunities permitted.

In 1995, after accepting her call to the ministry, she joined her husband in his God-given vision to begin Total Life Christian Ministries (TLC) in their home with eight people. Wytrice began to serve in the role of Pastor and was officially ordained as such in 1998. Her strength and determination enable her to maintain an insurmountable level of integrity and inner- beauty that gives her the caring attitude to love people as well as projects. Pastor Wytrice often shares candidly and honestly the painful testimonies in her life in order to help others overcome the enemy in theirs. She has a deep love and ministry for the women of God in the body of Christ and believes that her life is a testimony of what God can do if you submit to His will and believe that nothing (and no-one) is too hard for Him.

Pastor Wytrice has been married to Bishop Daryl Harris since 1992. Together they have two biological children, Amari and Imani (twins born in 2000) and have been surrogates to many others including Bishop’s nephews, Willie and Dyshaun Harris. Pastor Wytrice holds a B.A. in psychology, a B.S. and M.A. in pure mathematics, and a M.Ed in Instructional Technology.

Pastor Wytrice Harris

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